Decorating Accesories

POLYCELL Polyfilla For WOOD 75g Medium s330315

Fills up to 10mm deep in one application

£2.95 inc VAT

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SupaDec Paint & Varnish Stripper 1L s507592

Water washable.Suitable for most types of paint & varnish.Can be used on wood or metal.Fast a

£10.15 inc VAT

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SupaDec Shed & Fence Paint Brush 4"/100mm DECSF4 s683340

Ideal for rough timber
Bristle and polyester mix for added durability

£3.45 inc VAT

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SupaDec ROLLER REFILL Mini 4"Gloss Pile Pk2 s688869

Short pile fabric
Suitable for gloss paints

£2.10 inc VAT

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SupaDec ROLLER REFILL Mini 4" FLOKED Pk2 s329580

For: Use on gloss or satin paints

£2.65 inc VAT

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SupaDec Decorator Varnish & Paint Brush .75"/19mm DEC75 547013

Great finish for all paints
Ideal for small window frames

£0.75 inc VAT

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SupaDec Turpentine Substitute 2L s376006

A solvent for brush and general cleaning purposes.

£4.80 inc VAT

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SupaDec All Purpose Sponge DECSP s552396

Retail foam
Long lasting and very absorbent

£1.65 inc VAT

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d-c-fix Self Adhesive Film Sabbia Grey 45cm x 2m s731308

Self adhesive - easy to use!
Can be used on any dry flat surface - Fully removable

£3.90 inc VAT

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POLYCELL SEALANT Bath & KITCHENS 38mm Whits 692918

Polycell Sealant is a great way to cover imperfections

£7.75 inc VAT

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SupaDec Aluminium Extra Wide Coverstrip 60x900mm

Easy to install.
Safely secures flooring.
Maintains & hides flooring edges.

£4.78 inc VAT

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SupaDec Artist Brush Set 6 Piece BAB6 s573721

A selection of brushes ideal for use with acrylic and watercolour paints

£2.80 inc VAT

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